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Fun Facts

  • The bust of Psyche in the Women of Achievement/Small Conference Room was donated in 1993 by Martha Wilson MacDonald, Pittsburgh - Omicron, 1988 Woman of Year, whose display hangs on the wall overlooking Psyche. The bust was a wedding gift from Martha's sister in 1912 and was made in Italy in 1900. The myths of the Greek goddess Psyche exemplify a woman's search for authentic personal growth, a reminder that the integration of our experiences matures and transforms us.
  • Delta Zeta National Historical Museum and Headquarters is designated as a historic site by the Oxford City Council.The building was built in 1884 by Frank McCord using bricks and woodwork from Oxford First Presbyterian Church which stood on the same site.
  • The table and chairs furnishing the Small Conference Room are from the national office when it was located in Columbus, Ohio.
  • The lighted memorabilia cabinets in the Conference Room were created and finished by local craftsmen, the Virgil Otto family.
  • The family photos in the Julia Bishop Hall include one of Julia's daughter, Jean Coleman Lisle, modeling her mother's pink dancing dress at the 1985 National Convention.
  • The Founders' portrait in the Founders Parlor was presented to Delta Zeta by Jean Coleman Lisle, Alpha, (Julia Bishop's daughter) and Myrtle Graeter Malott Hinkly, Delta, Past National President, at the 1993 National Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • The carved rosewood piano (circa 1880) in the Founders Parlor is in the square grand fashion and is one of four in the world; donated by the Lucile Crowell Cooks family.
  • The ceiling beams and arched windows in the President's Suite are from the original home in 1883.
  • Since 1950, Delta Zeta has recognized alumnae who have achieved national recognition in their professional or volunteer work with the Woman of the Year Award, one of the highest honors within Delta Zeta.
  • The Charter Circle Book in the Founders Parlor lists all donors to the 1983 Building Renovation Fund, which provided the first investment in the National Historical Museum.
  • The sun dial in the Conference Room was designed by Ivy Stock Smith, Alpha, and presented on Delta Zeta's 25th anniversary in 1927.
  • The Caryatides Award, housed in the Archives Room, is named after the sculptured female figures serving as ornamental support from the Porch of the Maidens at the Acropolis in Greece.
  • The Delta Zeta flag in the Archives Room was designed by Ruth E. Simering, Epsilon, a social worker who served in the Red Cross in Australia during World War II.
  • The black wrought iron fence is original to the home built in the 1880s.
  • Founders Walk, the brick walk accessed through the front gate, was dedicated in 1995.
  • Alfa Lloyd's family's home, the site of many early Delta Zeta organizational meetings, still stands on High Street in Oxford.