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Symbols and Insignia Cabinet

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Symbols and Insignia Cabinet

The Symbols and Insignia Cabinet holds special Delta Zeta archives such as the Delta Zeta Badge, New Member Pin and National President's Badge.

Delta Zeta Badge
From our founding to the present, the Badge has changed very little from the original one designed by the Founders. Founder Alfa Lloyd Hayes' Badge is on display in this cabinet. The original Badge has no pearls, and shows a variation in the design of the column and the size and location of the pearls.

New Member Pin
The standard New Member pin of Delta Zeta is a diamond shape, black enamel, gilt edge and bearing the Roman Lamp in gold. New Member pins are used on some campuses from the earliest moments of pledging, while on other campuses pledge ribbons in the colors of the Sorority are worn for a few days. Both are binding. The early pins were long stick-pins and the use of the regular brooch-clasp came later. 

National President's Badge
The National President's Badge is identical to that of each Delta Zeta initiate, except for the addition of diamonds in the six wings. The Badge is a traveling one and is handed to the incoming President at the time of her installation.

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