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The Centennial Garden and Circle

Scene :

The Centennial Garden and Circle

The Garden was unveiled at the Centennial Convention. A white gate with a Roman lamp carved in the wood invites visitors to stroll inside. Across a bricked pathway into the Centennial Garden, the names of donors who gave to the Centennial Campaign are carved in the bricks. With donations of $250 or more, the chapter's Greek name is placed on a brick in the Centennial Walk. A donation of $5,000 or more places an engraved brass plaque with the chapter's Greek name on the Centennial Wall. Individual donors can make the same contributions and be recognized in the same way.
Further down the path, a beautiful trellis stretches across the rear of the Garden, below which an inviting bench allows visitors to look over the exquisite landscaping and flowers in bloom.

The Delta Zeta Foundation continues to welcome donations to add engraved bricks and plaques to the pathway and Wall of Donors. The Centennial Garden and the Delta Zeta Foundation preserve the past while laying the path for the future.