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The President's Walk

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The President's Walk

Leading out of the President's Suite is the President's Walk. The pictures of National Conventions through the years line the walls of the President's Walk and are fun to view the "way we looked way back then ...".

The National Convention is the governing body of the Sorority. According to the Constitution: "the National Convention shall meet biennially at a time and place specified by National Council except during a period of national emergency when it may be postponed by the National Council."

Only six delegates attended the first National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1910 and were instrumental in the creation of The LAMP and the Delta Zeta Songbook. At the Convention in 1914, delegates drafted the National Constitution and standardized the ritual.

These early conventions were the first time many Delta Zeta members were able to connect with sisters outside of their local chapter, and the number of members attending convention grew steadily.

Delta Zeta National Conventions have changed since their beginning, but one thing remains the same: members connect with other Delta Zetas from all around the world at the National Convention.