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Carytides Award Cabinet

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Carytides Award Cabinet

Ruth E. Simering, Indiana - Epsilon, was fascinated with the caryatides, the sculptured female figures serving as ornamental support in place of columns in Greek architecture. A famous example is the Porch of the Maidens, where six of the statues are part of the Erechtheum Temple built in 405 B.C. in Athens. She researched the subject and felt that the figures symbolized Delta Zeta's six Founders and the beauty and strength of young womanhood. Ruth donated the first six statues that were presented at the 1960 National Convention. She was also responsible for designing a new flag that was presented at the Golden Anniversary National Convention in 1952. It featured a more accurate representation of Sorority ideals.
A psychiatric social worker, Ruth served in Australia with the Red Cross during World War II. After she retired, she studied the history and activities of fraternity work. She joined the Flame Eternal in 1983.